Sunday, November 28, 2010

More on Madmen

If you read my earlier post here we were invited to a friends 40th birthday. It was last night.
It was Madmen style
So this is THE THEME !!!
Our costumes
Top - handmade by me
Skirt - opshop find that was altered by me also Shoes - which you can't see here - op shop for $6
(this top was actually made at the last minute - the original one was made of a mauve embossed silky rayon - but it decided to start fraying and split up the side seam so I had to quickly run up a new one in a more substantial and fray resistant fabric)

The hat - purchased last year at Eumundi Markets The tie - $2 at the op shop Suit - models own Close up of the hat

The jewellery Earrings and necklace both handed down from my Great Aunty Chaz (I also wore my Grandmothers watch and a brooch from my great aunty Chaz. It was fun bringing out all the old jewellery, I'm so glad I've kept it after all these years) Us enjoying a drink There was lots of different cocktails, champagne, martinis and beers
It was so much fun watching everyone arrive and seeing the different costumes. Everyone made a huge effort and it really set the scene for a fantastic night !
The food
A modern take on the prawn cocktail
beautiful olives - they were for eating but were also in the Martinis
We also ate:
Bluevein cheese and onion tartlets
Peking duck, rhubarb and watercress tartlets
A giant wheel of brie stuffed with..... not sure what it was - but tasted great !
Noodle boxes with calamari and rocket
Noodle boxes with beef and Haloumi cheese
and so on and so on
And the gift
After weeks and weeks of searching antique stores on the coast and in Brisbane I finally found this piece of art deco glassware. It came from an antique shop in the quaint little town of Pomona. Just perfect for the birthday girl - she loves glassware.
A lovely piece of art deco glass
I'm looking forward to the next one - but I'll keep that theme a secret until next November.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A SWAP of a different kind !

Were you a swap card kid. I was. And I have been thinking about them a lot lately. Only god knows where mine got to. I longed to see the faces again of the beautiful girls that were depicted on my cards, the cute hair, gorgeous dresses, goggly eyes, hats and umbrellas. So I googled swap cards and guess what I found. The exact same swap cards that I used to have.
You must go here and have a look, they are so gorgeous (I had the bottom four). I have tried to put pictures into this post but the pictures are mostly copyrighted. I could only obtain a few very small images but you really need to see the bigger picture.
Then go here, I had all of these ones. I started collecting them when I was about 4 or 5. I remember when I was about 7 years old I used to go into Powneys newsagency in Bendigo, Victoria, where I lived, and take all my pocket money. I would stand at the swap card stand for as long as Mum would let me, carefully writing down all the numbers of the swap cards I wanted to buy. Then I would line up at the counter and hand over my list. I would wait eagerly whilst the shop keeper got down the box of swap cards and went through the numbers and selected the cards I had chosen. Then he would put them into a paper bag and hand them over. It was a ritual for me on a Saturday morning when I had enough money saved to go and add to my collection. I am trying to remember how much they cost, I think maybe 5 cents each, I truly cannot remember. But they bought me such joy.
I just wish like crazy I had kept them to hand down to my Lucy. I so want them back - NOW !!!!!!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas cushions are nearing completion

I've finished the embroidery for my christmas cushions. If you look back at a previous post of mine here I showed the drawings that I was going to copy (using a transfer pencil) and then embroider. The idea being that I will sew them into little cushions for the kids for christmas gifts. I also decided I wanted one for myself. So I have chosen a recent drawing that Lucy did of our family and embroidered it also.
The family
A closeup of Mum and Dad
The embroidery I did of Olivers drawing
This is the original drawing
The embroidery I did of Lucys drawing
This is the original drawing
So the next step is to make them into little miniature cushions and wrap them ready for christmas.
I will post pics when they are done.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mad Men Party - what to wear

My friend is turning 40
She is having a Mad Men party
A chance to dress up - but what to wear ?
I bought this pattern from Retro Metro in Paddington last week - a fantastic shop if ever you are in Paddington and want something vintage.
I was thinking of making the dress in the middle - but then I decided I wanted something with a full skirt
Like the one on the left here - oh so beautiful !
But I love this look too !
So I have decided on a skirt and top
in an evening type fabric (from the op shop)
I have made the top
Now I need to make the skirt
and then adjust the net petticoat that I have to go underneath
(another op shop purchase)
And get some shoes
However a broken foot recently probably means I can't wear heels
at least not for long
So I will post pictures as the outfit progresses
That is if I don't change my mind

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Recycled Denim

My nephews' christmas gift is done (pictured above)
It's the first of many handmade christmas gifts I need to achieve before December 25. He apparently wants a corner in his bedroom full of big pillows where he can just flop down and read (so his Mum tells me). So this is what I have come up with. A huge cushion - 80cm x 80cm - made from recycled denim jeans and skirts, and a bit of chenille and cotton fabrics thrown in to break it up a bit. I am pretty happy with the result - hope he is too !
close up of the fabrics
Some other ideas for designs using recycled denims
this one is made from waistbands
necklace using denim and lace So don't throw out those old jeans - recycle

Monday, November 15, 2010

You must go here and enter

Retro Mummy is having a fantastic giveaway here until 21 November - thought I would share with you all !

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Works in Progress - Christmas Cushions

Lucys self portrait drawn early 2009
My almost finished embroidered version
Olivers self portrait drawn early 2009 I was inspired recently by Monkeemoomoo's blog (yet again) by this cushion that Spunky Monkey designed for Miss Moo Moo for her 4th birthday. I had in the back of my mind that I must do this some day with some of Oliver and Lucys artwork.
On Sunday I was having a big clean out - and found their art books from last year at daycare. Flicking through them I found the most perfect portraits that they had drawn of themselves. I photocopied Lucys drawing - enlarging it to 125% and traced over it with a transfer pencil (from Spotlight $6.95) onto baking paper. I then turned the tracing paper over and traced over the reverse side of the drawing (otherwise when I ironed the picture onto the fabric her name would have been written backwards). I then ironed the back-to -front tracing of the picture onto some fabric ready for embroidering (does this make sense ???). There is no need to trace it twice if there is no writing and you are happy with a mirror image.
My plan is to turn them into a small cushion each for their bed for Christmas presents this year.
What a great alternative way to display your favourite piece of artwork.
Thanks Monkeemoomoo for yet another great idea.

Life without blogs - huh !!!!!!!

Could we do it ? now that we know what we know ! I don't think so.
I love looking at blogs and I love it because there is so much amazing stuff to see. I have just checked out Monkeemoo and on her blog there was a giveaway from Marley & Lockyer - so I played blog chasey and headed over to Marley & Lockyer. Oh my GOD ! what beautiful stuff, I want her house and I want her Christmas tree. It is seriously beautiful. She is also having an amazing giveaway at present - closing tomorrow - be quick about it. Above is a sneak peak of some of her stuff - told you it was good.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Great Giveaway at Monkeemoomoo

There is a great giveaway happening over at Monkeemoomoo. Jacki is a great writer and always finds the best pics to go with her posts. I cannot get through the day without checking her blog for the latest post. She has decided to have her first giveaway - so pop on over here and get yourself an entry.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sneak Preview of new stock for Mammas Markets

Come visit my stall at Mammas Markets if you want some of this ..........
Pretty skirts
some with doilies vintage fabrics
beautiful Japanese cotton florals
broderie anglaise trims
chenille - great for the pool or beach
cute owls in lots of colours and designs

eva mei banner for Mammas Markets

I have been wanting to make myself a banner for the upcoming Mammas Markets
I thought it would be a great backdrop at my stall
so now it's ALL DONE !
Make sure you stop by for some last minute christmas shopping
Buderim War Memorial Hall
Cnr Main Street & Church Street
Saturday 18th December 2010 - 9am - 1pm

The cupboard has arrived

My cupboard has arrived safe and sound
I am the second person to own it.
It was previously owned by a 94 year old man.
I would love to know more of it's history and exactly how old it is.
It fits perfectly at the end of my kitchen
and I can't wait to fill it up with goodies
And my husband loves it just as much as I do !!!!

Birthday Cakes and Cubby Houses

Our babies turned 6 years old on Friday
We had a very full weekend of celebrations
There was a Birthday BBQ
Their school Spring Carnival
A visit from their Grandparents
Lots of presents
and an exciting, blindfolded car journey to a secret destination (their Nonna Julies House) to reveal
built especially for Oliver and Lucy to come and visit anytime they like
Dinosaur and Dolly made by Mummy
Horse rides at the Spring Carnival
Dump truck cake made by Daddy
Love heart cake also made by Daddy
cubby house designed and built by Nonna Julie, Kerry, Jarrod and Declan
Inside there was a blackboard and lots of toys
Outside there was a deck and chairs and tables for relaxing
Cool drinks were served on the deck
and there was lots of laughter and cuddles - Lucy with her beloved Nonna.
Thanks Nonna, for the lovely cubby, but most of all thanks for being the amazing person that you are............we are looking forward to spending many more afternoons here with you in the years to come


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