Saturday, July 30, 2011

Snug as a bug !

I am a sucker for gorgeous quilts / blankets/ throws - I love the chunkiness of these two above, you can't beat a beautiful cable knit. I can never decide though, bright colour or neutral and earthy - maybe a bit of both is in order - go here to see more.
I love the neutral cream background on this one interspersed with gorgeous colour
and these colours are just so vibrant it hurts
What a beautiful mix, so, what are you waiting for.........................get crocheting before it's too late.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beautiful Bendigo

WELCOME TO BENDIGO I lived here for a couple of years, back in 1976 - 1978 when I was just 8 years old. Bendigo is a beautiful small city, full of lovely old homes, antiques, lovely gardens and good shopping. This is a picture taken by me recently, looking down View Street, Bendigo Victoria. View Street has quite a few Antique Shops and several Vintage Clothing stores. I was lucky enough to spend some time here earlier this month shopping. I managed to buy a vintage suitcase and a 70's paisley jacket for myself and for my friend who lives across the road I bought an antique vegetable dish. I will post pics of these soon. This Antique shop kept me entertained for probably an hour or so.
Here is the Trades Hall
building which is Heritage listed. It is one of only 3 remaining Trade Halls in Victoria. It was built in several stages, with work commencing in 1896. Next to it is the Penfolds Fine Art Gallery, I did a Google search on this building but could not find any history on it. The next two pics are of the Fire Station, again in View Street. It is a lovely old building of the typical Victorian red brick, built in 1898. It is now used to hold concerts and is part of the Performing Arts Centre
Unfortunately, when I was in Bendigo I did not know about theBendigo Woollen Mills. It is apparently the largest wool outlet in Australia and they also do online ordering for those of us who do not live nearby. Next time I go to Bendigo this will be on my "to do" list.<

I did, however, know about Langley Hall, though I had no idea where it was. Several months ago I was checking out real estate in Bendigo, dreaming of living in one of the many beautiful old homes down there, when I stumbled across this most beautiful place. It was for sale for a cool 2 million, but I knew I had no chance of convincing my husband that we had to buy it and live a beautiful life there. So driving through Bendigo recently on my way to a friends place, there it was, right in front of me. A quick photo stop was in order, so I got myself a few pics of the grand old lady. She is simply stunning.

This picture is courtesy of the internet, I will post more of mine in a later post.

If you get the time, head to Bendigo, and I recommend you go in autumn or winter to enjoy it at it's best. If you get a lovely cold day with a blue sky you will be in heaven.

Italian Doughnuts a must

My husband is a Masterchef fan and he also got hooked on My Kitchen Rules earlier this year. He made a fantastic batch of the Italian Doughnuts pictured above that the two Italian ladies, Daniella & Stephania made on one episode, and I highly recommend you have a go at them - they are truly divine. I warn you though, once you have eaten these doughnuts you will never want to eat any others - the texture is beautiful and very different to normal doughnuts, possibly because they have potato in them. So go on, have a go, you won't regret it. Follow the green link above for the recipe. He did not make the chocolate sauce, and I don't think you need it, but it's up to you.
These ones are his first batch in March, they were to celebrate the official opening of our neighbours new cubby house, they were a huge hit with the kids and adults alike.
The second batch were cooked whilst down in Victoria visiting my parents. Nephew Mitchell was pretty impressed as you can see in the two pics above.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Veges are GROWING !!!!!!!

Our new vegetable patch is going great guns. This is what it looks like as of yesterday (23/7/11 - above). And below is a pic of how it started off as new seedlings on the 19/6/11.
The dwarf broccoli is coming along nicely and there are flowers on the tomato bushes. We have already harvested some yummy fresh pesticide free lettuce leaves for our salads. see below pictures.
The carrots are coming along nicely, I can see hints of pale orange just under the soil so that is a good sign of things to come.
Being a vegetable farmer is so much fun. My second vegetable patch is now ready for planting - hopefully today. So watch this space.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Keep warm this winter

There is absolutely no need to freeze this winter, you can keep warm in style, it's easy, just look at this beautiful little fella, all rugged up in his gorgeous crocheted blanket, made with love from his two grandmas, mum, aunts and cousins, it was a family effort and I have to say it is simply stunning. I want one of these blankets for myself
I wouldn't mind one of these either, isn't she adorable, I just added her to this post cos she was so cute, look at those cheeks!
I love this owl, it is a heatbag, filled with australian wheat - perfect for your children to snuggle up to in winter, my kids have a frog that I made them a couple of years ago filled with rice. Unfortunately they are developing holes and the rice is starting to spill, time for a new one I think. Yes !
Mst O would love this cute little sausage dog - perfect gift for a boy who has everything - available here on
An exquisite scarf/shawl crocheted with the most gorgeous baby alpaca wool and mulberry silk, tutorial is here - you can make it yourself Or something a bit more understated in beautiful earthy tones - same pattern as above but different colours.
I think my daughter would like this little pink poodle number, available here
Aaaaahhhh winter, I do love it, except when I have to get up at 6am in the dark.

Recycled shed

I have been meaning to post these pics since November last year. This shed belongs to a dear friend. She has a great eye for detail and loves to recycle old building materials. This is what she came up with when she decided she needed a new "old" garden shed. It has so much character, and it is so tidy inside. A very dear friend of hers built it under her careful direction with the recycled materials she collected bit by bit, over a period of time. I love the old door with all the paint peeling off, and the chinese star jasmine is beautiful hanging over from above.
The wagon wheel is so sweet.
And a couple of horse shoes for good luck complete the perfect picture.
A great project for your own backyard. I think I might have to google "old recycled sheds" and see what I can come up with, hmmmnnnn...................

Pretty Paper Wreath

I found this photo stashed away in my "to do" file on my laptop just now. Thought I would share it with you, I found it here. I think I need to make one of these for Christmas. I know Christmas is a while away yet but I am going to a "Christmas in July" Dinner tomorrow night with my craft group girls. This will be our second year running and it's lots of fun with a great bunch of crafty critters. We all have to bring a present to put in a lucky draw/secret santa, the criteria is it must come from "The book Depository" and must cost $10 or less. Can't wait to see what everyone has bought. I can't post mine here just yet in case anyone reads this before tomorrow, as it is meant to be a secret santa - you get the picture !

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Take me to the Country .................Pleeassse !!!!!!

Recently I have been dreaming about living in the country. An old house perched on a couple of acres of slightly undulating hills, surrounded by pastures and cows. I would love to retire to Maleny. But after looking on Real Estate.Com.Au at Bowral in the NSW Southern Highlands, I am SOLD. The only problem is that most of the properties I fell in love with were a cool $7 million or so - seriously. Ouch !!!!!!! But I love the old house above, I can see myself here.
And I can see myself on a verandah, knitting in hand, cup of coffee and afternoon tea, watching the beautiful cows grazing just like these ones.
I could even live in this shed, but you should see the house that it belongs too - OMG !!
And don't you love this simple but elegant entry, finished off beautifully with a matching pair of conifers.
These hedges appear to be fake, but trust me they are real, and they are for sale, as I said, a cool 7 million or so would do it. Can you imagine the house that lies just beyond ?
How about this for a position, amazing trees and views forever
This is probably more affordable, a sweet sunroom, this one is only about $700,000, I can afford this !
And this sure has street appeal, love the tree and elegant fencing
Or maybe this one, wouldn't the kids love to explore these grounds or swim in the pool, maybe a pony or two.
Well, for now I have to be happy where I am, but maybe, just maybe one day, I might be able to live on the land and enjoy my chickens and vege garden. Only time will tell.


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