Thursday, November 24, 2011


YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE TIME TO POP ACROSS HERE .   MamieJanes space is AMAZING - I just had to share it with you immediately.  I want everything that she has in her Studio - she has taken photographs and described everything - her storage ideas are fantastic.  I'm inspired.  Maybe one day my studio space will look half as good as this ?  Here is a sneak peek................

I would probably have a room like this if I did not have to justify why I need it all to my husband.  Oh well. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Here they are at long last !!

Well my CASCADING VIOLETS are finally worth photographing to put on my blog

This photo was taken a couple of weeks after planting

WELL now they look like this (photo taken 13/11) - I am very happy with the use of this $2 watering can found at a local market
A close up - I was playing around with the portrait setting on my camera

And this one was playing around with the intense colour setting
And to finish off, a snapshot of my Heirloom Beetroot - this is the first one I have harvested, I love the pattern on the inside, pink with white rings. 
This little fellow is going into my salad for lunch today - yum!

It was Mst O & Miss L's 7th birthday last Saturday - they got their special birthday surprise present on Friday when we returned from our weeks holiday.  I will load photos of the "Special Surprise Present' in the next few days. 
I have to say they were a huge hit with the kids (and me !)  


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