Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I've been DISCOVERED !!!!!!!!!

Well, Late last night an email came through (after I went to bed - thank god or I would never have gone to sleep). It was from Dianne at Little Fish Creations. She was advising me that one of my creations was going to be featured in their handmade cooperative "The sensational Six - you are my sunshine" blog post. It will be available after 7pm tonight. The link is : http://www.handmadecooperative.blogspot.com Check it out, I know I will. Thanks must go to my friend Yvette for her fantastic photography and also allowing me to use her beautiful daughter as one of my models (even though we can't show her face). Thanks Yvette and Ju.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Madeit.com.au photoshoot

Well Yvette was good enough to come back again today and do a very rushed photo shoot - the girls were tired after a long week and so were we. Light ran out pretty quickly but it was nice to get the new shots loaded into the shop.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Austin Powers Flower Groove Thingy !!!!!!!!

I wanted to make something with this floral fabric my Mum had sent me - I would love to know where it came from and how old it is. She found it at St. Vinnies. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. Hopefully though it will sell soon, and I can post it off to its new owner.
I was wanting something that was quick and easy but that also looked good, to make to add to my shop - I decided on bloomers. I love this pretty rose fabric. Wish my daughter was still young enough to wear them. Actually, I wish I was young enough to wear a pair myself. They sold almost immediately so it was obviously a good choice. Need to get myself some more pretty fabric and run up a few more pairs.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Cushions and Pinafores galore

I'm still sewing, have been sewing so much haven't had time to blog. I did my first little winter pinafore on the weekend. Turned out kinda cute. I was going to decorate it with a yo yo but my dear hubby suggested I use buttons instead. (he has a good eye for all this stuff). So here is the result. Also have been doing lots of cushions for my Madeit shop

Friday, April 9, 2010

My version of the Amy Butler pinwheel

This is something I had wanted to try for quite some time. The pinwheel cushion. They look absolutely gorgeous using Amy Butler fabrics but I decided to try one out in some old retro/vintage fabrics just to see how it would look. At first I wasn't sure, but now I have finished it with the antique purple covered button I have actually grown quite attached to it - what do you think ????

Photo Shoot !!!

We also managed to get some shots of my "mens business shirts transformed into little girls dresses". I did these last year some time and Lucy really loves them. They are a great way to recycle mens business shirts.
Thanks to my friend Yvette and her SLR I now have some fantastic shots of my creations to post in my Madeit shop. We talked about doing it a couple of weeks ago and today we got busy and here are some of the results. The models were my 5 year old daughter Lucy Mei and her 3 /12 year old daughter Juliana. They were the perfect little models and I think they may have a big future in front of them. Unfortunately I cannot show too much of Julianas face as requested by her Dad (and I totally respect this) but I know if I could exploit that cute little face to its full potential, my clothing would be running out the door. Maybe I could just let one or two slip through the radar (just joking Steve !!)

Little Japanese girl

Sometime back I decided I wanted a special piece of artwork for my daughters new bedroom. I was sick of seeing handpainted canvases with butterflies all over the place and wanted something a bit different. Something not too babyish or girly - something that would last her for years that she would not outgrow. So I purchased a piece of fabric online from Duckloth and my artist friend Ange stretched it onto a canvas frame for me. It's a piece of fabric from a Japanese designer and I have to say when Lucy is sick of it I will have it for my room. It really is quite special.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

First Sale !!!!!

Oh my god I am so excited, just as I was trying to adjust the banner in my Made It shop - I noticed there had been a sale. I just sold a skirt, one I had photographed Lucy wearing today. I actually wasn't going to worry about photographing it but Lucy asked if she could put it on for a photo so I agreed. Doesn't take much to make me happy does it !!!!!!!

My version of the Amy Butler Gumdrop Cushion

This was a custom order for our friend Julie - a gift for her two year old grandsons birthday. These turned out fantastic, with the beautiful combination of colours and textures in the fabrics she chose. The personalised embroidery finished them off just perfectly. The aqua stitching was just beautiful with the vintage chenille panels. Wow !
I did quite a few Amy Butler gumdrop cushions as christmas gifts for my children and niece and nephew.
This is one of my favourite cushions - I purchased a piece from an old Japanese Silk Kimono on Ebay last year some time. Recently I sewed it up into a cute rectangular cushion for our bed. The back of it is made from an old piece of damask type fabric I sourced from the local op shop.

More Pics

These photos were taken in Ming Lee and Adrians garden.

New items and photos in MadeIt

I managed to get some better photos today for my shop - Ange and Ming Lee helped out which was great.

Monday, April 5, 2010

My Madeit store is up and running

My madeit store has been going since late February, however there was only one item in there. I have now managed to add a couple of dresses and a cushion and some headscarves. The main thing holding me up is photography issues, but hopefully that will be sorted soon. Pop over and have a look, follow the link.

Pretty Pillows

I always have a million ideas running through my head and never know which one to tackle first. My daughter has had a few birthday parties to go to recently so pillows for a little girls bed seemed like a good idea for some gifts. So here they are.

Vintage tablecloth

I found this great tablecloth at Peregian markets yesterday, it will no doubt be turned into something else very soon, I just need to think about it a bit. Saw some great skirts at the Peregian Fibre Collective using vintage tablecloths and teatowels

Last nights creations

Here is a picture of the skirtain I made to sell - this was made from a pair of cafe curtains from an opshop. I don't think they have ever been hung on a window. I have made two of these skirts, my daughter has one and the other one is for sale (see my shop in Made It)

Setting up my blog

Well it got to 1am this morning, I was wanting to add a couple of photos and set up the blog a bit more but really needed some sleep. So hopefully today I will get a chance to take a couple of photos of what I made last night (before I got caught up setting up this blog). I made a cute little skirt to sell in my Eva Mei & Me label - I call it a skirtain as it is a skirt made out of recycled curtains. These curtains are from an opshop though look like they have never been hung on a window - brand spanking new. Also I did another cushion to sell - just need to get some good photos of it now and I can list it for sale in my madeit and etsy shop. Photos are on their way.

Peregian Fibre Collective

Today my friend Ming Lee and I went up to the Peregian fibre collective - we saw some great stuff and also saw our friend Leanne who had a stall up there. After a very serious look at all the beautiful things we made our way in to Peregian and had a look at the markets. I managed to pick up a fantastic vintage tablecloth which will be turned into some item of clothing as soon as I work out what to do with it. The nice man at the stall gave me (I repeat GAVE ME) a cool orange doillie so I will no doubt put that to good use also. We grabbed a coffee at Baked Poets Bakery (I think that's what it's called) and a fantastic almond croissant and continued to stroll around Peregian checking out Evolve and a few of the other shops and then headed home to - you guessed it - sew sew sew !!!!!! Happy Easter everyone


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