Friday, April 9, 2010

Photo Shoot !!!

We also managed to get some shots of my "mens business shirts transformed into little girls dresses". I did these last year some time and Lucy really loves them. They are a great way to recycle mens business shirts.
Thanks to my friend Yvette and her SLR I now have some fantastic shots of my creations to post in my Madeit shop. We talked about doing it a couple of weeks ago and today we got busy and here are some of the results. The models were my 5 year old daughter Lucy Mei and her 3 /12 year old daughter Juliana. They were the perfect little models and I think they may have a big future in front of them. Unfortunately I cannot show too much of Julianas face as requested by her Dad (and I totally respect this) but I know if I could exploit that cute little face to its full potential, my clothing would be running out the door. Maybe I could just let one or two slip through the radar (just joking Steve !!)

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