Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fabric purchases in Asia

Hi girls Just a quick update - I was fortunate enough to get to a big fabric store a couple of days ago and purchased 50 metres of cotton fabrics. Some lovely florals, in particular a lot of japanese floral prints. I have about 20 different patterns so will post photos when I return to Australia. Have to fly. We are having a great time here - lots of fab food. The kids have settled in like true Asians. Love to all Karyn

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


(Pictured above is some Jim Thompson silk) We are off tomorrow for our big trip to Malaysia & Singapore. We are taking Oliver and Lucy to meet their extended family and see where their Daddy grew up. I have decided to leave my shop open, but please note any purchases made from now (Tuesday 13th July 10.15pm) will not be posted until I return (Sunday 8th August) I am looking forward to lots of yummy Malaysian food and fabric shopping amongst many other exciting things that I am sure will happen on the way. We are staying a few nights at the HardRock Hotel, Singapore. We will be able to visit Universal Studios and Sentosa Island We will definitely eat Nasi Lemak - above And Ice Kecang (pronounced Ka chung) will be on the top of the list for the kids no doubt. Yum Yum - can't wait. I will try and post from over there if I get a chance to get onto a computer.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Christmas in July

Cherries on the table Strawberry bouquet Christmas tree A halo on my head ( almost ) On Saturday night my little craft group got together for a Christmas in July dinner. There was no crafting done that night, just lots of chatter, nibbling on lovely nibblies, and a fabulous meal and lots of red wine. We enjoyed the best baked ham, basted with maple syrup - it was so yummy. We also had lovely meatballs with cranberry sauce and loads of roast vegetables and salad. To finish off we had pecan pie, cheesecake and brownies. Leannes little cottage was decorated so beautifully for the occasion, we had a kris kringle and it was a really fabulous night. It was my first, and hopefully not my last, ever, Christmas in July - it is so much nicer to eat hot Christmas type food in winter rather than summer. I think we should change Christmas to July !!

Flower and Seed Shop

(note the two little piles of kindling in the background) a transaction taking place !!! (Aidans and Lucys seed shop - seeds for sale $1) Today I was sewing away madly when my lovely neighbour came to the window calling me. My children were over at her house playing and my daughter and her son had decided to set up a shop and make some money (they are 5 years old - very entrepenurial). So out I come to investigate, it was the cutest thing ever, took me back to my childhood. There they were set up in the driveway, relaxed as ever in their seats, with camellia flowers and seeds for sale, and some kindling (twigs tied with twine) for firewood. They had a sign, and a money box they had made from a cardboard box. Their only customers unfortunately were the lovely mailman who bought a flower for 20cents (it was all he had in his pocket) and myself and my neighbour. So if anyone needs twigs for their fireplace or some seeds (of any kind) or some old bruised camellia flowers (picked off the ground) then you better rush down to my street and don't forget your dollar coin, there is a bargain to be had.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hi Everyone I was too excited to wait until tomorrow to announce the lucky winner of my giveaway. ...................The lucky winner is Helena............................. Helena you just need to let me know what item you would like to choose from my shop and I will post it off to you immediately. In fact I have decided to increase the prize from $20 to $27 which means you can choose any item at all as there is nothing over the cost of $27 in the shop at present. So go hard. I will have another give away when I return from Malaysia to celebrate all my fabric purchases (hopefully) so don't forget to check back in after the 8th of August for an update and hopefully some photos of some lovely fabrics. Until then Happy crafting !!!!!

Time is running out

We have a couple of new followers who qualify for entries into the giveaway - welcome Leebee and Yvette (alias Steve) - good luck. Cut off is 9pm tonight.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Time is almost up if you want to enter my giveaway - I will finalise the draw Sunday evening at 9pm - The winner will be drawn out of a hat by my daughter Lucy on Monday morning and I will post the winners name by 10am Monday morning. Tell a friend and get them to follow my blog and you will get another entry - just make sure you let me know if your friend joins - Good Luck !! (Scroll down to an earlier post to see how to enter)

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Just thought I would let everyone know I am currently sitting at the top of page 2 in the TOP SELLERS list in Madeit and I need to thank all my lovely supporters for helping me to achieve this. There are over 90 pages of sellers on the site so this is quite an achievement considering I have only had the shop since April this year. Thanks so much everyone for all the lovely feedback and emails telling me that you love what I do, it really is what keeps me inspired to keep sewing. Hip Hip Hooray to you all !!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Meet Cherry

Don't you just love this beautiful drawing I purchased from a lovely little shop on Madeit last week. Her name is Cherry - the lady who created her is called Liselle. She arrived so beautifully packaged, complete with a little gift card and also a matching Cherry badge - just absolutely beautiful. You should check out Liselles store on Madeit.com.au/lisellekate. There are so many talented crafty people on this site it is incredible.

OppShopping and Vintage Shoes

I went oppshopping with a girlfriend and her 13 year old daughter yesterday. My friends daughter found the best pair of old shoes for $8. I just had to share these with you because I thought they were beautiful.

Marshmallows & Damper

The kids wanted to go camping last weekend. My husband isn't in to camping and we don't have a tent. So the next best thing was to build a campfire (well, we cheated and used a brazier) and toast marshmallows and make damper. We invited the neighbours to make it more fun. It was a lovely cold afternoon so it was nice to be by the fire eating yummy stuff and drinking red wine. The kids played under lots of blankets, ran around like crazy and had a pretty good time. WE on the other hand were kind of glad when it was all over. I think everyone present will agree we were all happy to tuck the little campers in to bed that night !!!!!!!!!!!! THE FIRE TOASTING HOMEMADE DAMPER on bamboo poles cut from our lower garden TOASTING MARSHMALLOWS

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Here are the Loukoumades !!!!

The rustic looking ones above are Calvins first effort at Loukoumades
This image is from the net - nice perfect round Loukoumades
Calvins did taste great - the toasted walnuts and honey sprinkled over them was delicious on a chilly winters evening - hopefully your tastebuds can deal with this Vanessa (LOL).
Tonight we are having a camp fire in the backyard with some good friends - toasted marshmallows and singing, should be fun ! Will try and post pictures from that soon too. This is definitely not getting any sewing done - oh well !!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Another Giveaway !!!

There is another giveaway happening at present that you should definitely check out, head over to the clip cafe and see what Vanessa is up to. She does gorgeous hair clips, hairclip holders and headbands etc for the gorgeous little and big girls in your life and she is having a great giveaway. I bought some clips for Lucy and a hairclip holder, it's the best thing as now we don't have clips ALL OVER THE HOUSE ! - The hairclip holder hangs neatly on the door handle - just perfect. I also bought a clip holder and some clips for my junior model, Juliana, for her recent birthday. Great gifts for all those birthday parties your kids get invited to. Oops have to go, my husband has just baked Loukomades (greek doughnuts with walnuts and honey oozing all over them) and he is calling us to come eat - how lucky am I. Postscript: The Loukomades were great, thanks to Angela for her help with the recipe by phone !!!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Giveaway !

Since two of the scarves sold today leaving me only two left I am going to make the prize "customer choice to the value of $20". Hope that suits everyone !!!!!

Shop will be closed for 3 weeks holidays !!!

Just wanting to let everyone know that my store will be off-line for vacation from late Tuesday 13th July to Sunday 8th August. I am off to Singapore/Malaysia with high hopes of buying some great fabric over there. Stay tuned !!!


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