Monday, July 12, 2010

Flower and Seed Shop

(note the two little piles of kindling in the background) a transaction taking place !!! (Aidans and Lucys seed shop - seeds for sale $1) Today I was sewing away madly when my lovely neighbour came to the window calling me. My children were over at her house playing and my daughter and her son had decided to set up a shop and make some money (they are 5 years old - very entrepenurial). So out I come to investigate, it was the cutest thing ever, took me back to my childhood. There they were set up in the driveway, relaxed as ever in their seats, with camellia flowers and seeds for sale, and some kindling (twigs tied with twine) for firewood. They had a sign, and a money box they had made from a cardboard box. Their only customers unfortunately were the lovely mailman who bought a flower for 20cents (it was all he had in his pocket) and myself and my neighbour. So if anyone needs twigs for their fireplace or some seeds (of any kind) or some old bruised camellia flowers (picked off the ground) then you better rush down to my street and don't forget your dollar coin, there is a bargain to be had.


The Clip Cafe said...

How Cute!!! 2 more business people in the family :-)

monkeemoomoo said...

How cute is this!!


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