Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Marshmallows & Damper

The kids wanted to go camping last weekend. My husband isn't in to camping and we don't have a tent. So the next best thing was to build a campfire (well, we cheated and used a brazier) and toast marshmallows and make damper. We invited the neighbours to make it more fun. It was a lovely cold afternoon so it was nice to be by the fire eating yummy stuff and drinking red wine. The kids played under lots of blankets, ran around like crazy and had a pretty good time. WE on the other hand were kind of glad when it was all over. I think everyone present will agree we were all happy to tuck the little campers in to bed that night !!!!!!!!!!!! THE FIRE TOASTING HOMEMADE DAMPER on bamboo poles cut from our lower garden TOASTING MARSHMALLOWS

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The Clip Cafe said...

lol my hubby isn't into camping either - i think it would be an interesting adventure for us - we would probably only do it once, to used to creature comforts...:-) Maybe one day we'll do it in the back yard :-)


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