Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The famous catchcry of Pauline Hanson - in a very nasally tone "PLEASE EXPLAIN" - YES I NEED TO EXPLAIN WHAT I HAVE BEEN DOING. Obviously I have not been blogging. And I have received a couple of lovely blog awards that I have not had time to respond to. Please, let me explain. I now have a job, working five days a week at the moment. I feel like I have returned to my old life before kids. Except, that now I have two kids to look after AND a full time job. Eventually I will probably working 3 or so days a week, but for now it is Monday to Friday. SO NO SEWING AND NO BLOGGING HAS HAPPENED IN THIS HOUSE SINCE EARLY JANUARY. I am too busy to miss it too much, and I am loving my new job, but hopefully eventually I will be able to get back to at least a little bit of sewing and maybe blogging. Even it it is just to keep myself sane and to touch base with all you lovely people out there once in a while. So, sadly, there won't be so many posts going on here just for a wee while, but I do hope to be back at some stage in the near future. UNTIL THEN, Karyn xxx


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