Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The famous catchcry of Pauline Hanson - in a very nasally tone "PLEASE EXPLAIN" - YES I NEED TO EXPLAIN WHAT I HAVE BEEN DOING. Obviously I have not been blogging. And I have received a couple of lovely blog awards that I have not had time to respond to. Please, let me explain. I now have a job, working five days a week at the moment. I feel like I have returned to my old life before kids. Except, that now I have two kids to look after AND a full time job. Eventually I will probably working 3 or so days a week, but for now it is Monday to Friday. SO NO SEWING AND NO BLOGGING HAS HAPPENED IN THIS HOUSE SINCE EARLY JANUARY. I am too busy to miss it too much, and I am loving my new job, but hopefully eventually I will be able to get back to at least a little bit of sewing and maybe blogging. Even it it is just to keep myself sane and to touch base with all you lovely people out there once in a while. So, sadly, there won't be so many posts going on here just for a wee while, but I do hope to be back at some stage in the near future. UNTIL THEN, Karyn xxx


The Clip Cafe said...

Good luck with everything. I totally understand - there are only so many hours in a day. Will look forward to when you can post and see what unique creations you have come up with (as always you do) xx

monkeemoomoo said...

Make sure you are looking after YOU as well:)

Take care x


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