Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beautiful Bendigo

WELCOME TO BENDIGO I lived here for a couple of years, back in 1976 - 1978 when I was just 8 years old. Bendigo is a beautiful small city, full of lovely old homes, antiques, lovely gardens and good shopping. This is a picture taken by me recently, looking down View Street, Bendigo Victoria. View Street has quite a few Antique Shops and several Vintage Clothing stores. I was lucky enough to spend some time here earlier this month shopping. I managed to buy a vintage suitcase and a 70's paisley jacket for myself and for my friend who lives across the road I bought an antique vegetable dish. I will post pics of these soon. This Antique shop kept me entertained for probably an hour or so.
Here is the Trades Hall
building which is Heritage listed. It is one of only 3 remaining Trade Halls in Victoria. It was built in several stages, with work commencing in 1896. Next to it is the Penfolds Fine Art Gallery, I did a Google search on this building but could not find any history on it. The next two pics are of the Fire Station, again in View Street. It is a lovely old building of the typical Victorian red brick, built in 1898. It is now used to hold concerts and is part of the Performing Arts Centre
Unfortunately, when I was in Bendigo I did not know about theBendigo Woollen Mills. It is apparently the largest wool outlet in Australia and they also do online ordering for those of us who do not live nearby. Next time I go to Bendigo this will be on my "to do" list.<

I did, however, know about Langley Hall, though I had no idea where it was. Several months ago I was checking out real estate in Bendigo, dreaming of living in one of the many beautiful old homes down there, when I stumbled across this most beautiful place. It was for sale for a cool 2 million, but I knew I had no chance of convincing my husband that we had to buy it and live a beautiful life there. So driving through Bendigo recently on my way to a friends place, there it was, right in front of me. A quick photo stop was in order, so I got myself a few pics of the grand old lady. She is simply stunning.

This picture is courtesy of the internet, I will post more of mine in a later post.

If you get the time, head to Bendigo, and I recommend you go in autumn or winter to enjoy it at it's best. If you get a lovely cold day with a blue sky you will be in heaven.


monkeemoomoo said...

Just gorgeous!!! What beautiful old buildings, thanks for sharing:)

Kevin Petter said...

The colour is Poseidon from Bendigo Woollen mills. I am really loving Bendigo wool to knit with it is so lovely and hardly shows any inaccuracy in tension.
Though I’d like to think I was becoming a better knitter, I think in reality Bendigo wool is just that good.

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Andree Symond said...

Bendigo artisan which has a lot going on at the moment. Writer: Megan Spencer – Photographer,
not only has the multi-talented sculptor, furniture designer, bike-maker and musician opened a brand new workshop in
Workspace our complex, he’s been rapidly expanding his product line,

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Stave Bentod said...

The one thing i did find is that around the B box area is going to be viewed from both sides.
Which in fact is going to work really well from one side you will see all the goods yards and from the
other side you can geta great view of the engine shed

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Madness Gabrill said...

I love this complement, the colour, the pattern it’s all so cute. But unfortunately I think she may only get to wear it twice if I’m lucky.
Which is what I was counting on as we are in spring, though you wouldn’t know it,
a torrential down pour has started this week and it’s been freezing so I quickly sewed the buttons on and she got to wear it at least once.

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Jasos Angla said...

Take one shed, a lot of skill and plenty of people with a shared interest and you are part way to understanding
the Bendigo Woodturners.every week about 120 people from
backgrounds meet in groups and sub-groups sharing a love and understanding for the working of wood

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