Thursday, July 21, 2011

Take me to the Country .................Pleeassse !!!!!!

Recently I have been dreaming about living in the country. An old house perched on a couple of acres of slightly undulating hills, surrounded by pastures and cows. I would love to retire to Maleny. But after looking on Real Estate.Com.Au at Bowral in the NSW Southern Highlands, I am SOLD. The only problem is that most of the properties I fell in love with were a cool $7 million or so - seriously. Ouch !!!!!!! But I love the old house above, I can see myself here.
And I can see myself on a verandah, knitting in hand, cup of coffee and afternoon tea, watching the beautiful cows grazing just like these ones.
I could even live in this shed, but you should see the house that it belongs too - OMG !!
And don't you love this simple but elegant entry, finished off beautifully with a matching pair of conifers.
These hedges appear to be fake, but trust me they are real, and they are for sale, as I said, a cool 7 million or so would do it. Can you imagine the house that lies just beyond ?
How about this for a position, amazing trees and views forever
This is probably more affordable, a sweet sunroom, this one is only about $700,000, I can afford this !
And this sure has street appeal, love the tree and elegant fencing
Or maybe this one, wouldn't the kids love to explore these grounds or swim in the pool, maybe a pony or two.
Well, for now I have to be happy where I am, but maybe, just maybe one day, I might be able to live on the land and enjoy my chickens and vege garden. Only time will tell.

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monkeemoomoo said...

I love this post and actually have one just like this half written in my drafts. Sounds like we are thinking about very similar things! Big trees, cows, beautiful old homes.


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