Sunday, June 19, 2011

Eggs galore and vegies to boot !

Our girls have started laying ! We are getting 2 - 3 eggs a day now. They started at about 38grams and are now averaging 45 - 54 grams. Its so lovely to go down to the garden and be greeted by cackling from the girls. They are now officially called Sofia (Miss L's favourite from junior Masterchef), Poh (my favourite from Masterchef) & Lewie (however Lewie is also known as Pancake, that is how Mst O best likes his eggs) Here are the first of our happy hens eggs - a perfect pair in the nesting box
A lovely boiled egg for breakfast - in our cute Easter Egg Cups
Miss L with her boiled egg and toast - yum yum ...... Not only are we enjoying the eggs now but we have also built a new raised vege garden so we can put all the chicken poop to good use. We have used some gorgeous compost that has been created by our resident bush turkey "Harold", he has meticulously created and tended his nest for the last 4 or years and a byproduct of this was that all our lovely expensive mulch that we purchased with the intention of keeping our weeds under control has now been converted into the most amazing black friable garden soil. So today my husband and I carried bucket upon bucket load of it from our lower garden, up three sets of stairs and a very steep ramp, to our upper garden so we could fill our raised vegetable bed that we built yesterday. It was a beautiful day to work outside in the garden - just look at that blue sky

Putting the bed together with recycled sleepers

Here it is all planted out.

Late this afternoon, and with our last long weekend for the year drawing to a close, I planted out the first intallment of seedlings. I then fertilised and watered them with high hopes for a successul crop. We have carrots, dwarf broccoli, red oak lettuce, butter lettuce, honey snap peas and oxtail tomatoes. We are now building a second garden bed as there is so much more I want to plant.

So off to bed I go to rest my weary limbs, it's been a great day.

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monkeemoomoo said...

Those eggs look sooo good! I'm so excited to read about your chickens and vegie patch. We were suppose to get on with planting in our vegie patch this weekend, but lazed around in the sun eating and drinking instead!

It's good to see you back blogging again. I've missed you:)


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