Saturday, June 4, 2011

Meet the girls !!!!

Well the coop is finally done and so this afternoon we made the trip to pick out our chickens. So here they are in their box about to be let loose into their new home. It was fun driving home with them in the box in the back seat, between the kids, cackling away.
Exploring their new house
Having a feed of layers mash
When it was time to lock them up for the evening I said "come on girls, into the coop", I opened the door, and in they went, just like that. It was like they knew what to do. They huddled in the corner, so I picked them up one by one and sat them on their roosting perch. An hour later we all went down to the lower garden to check on them, and they were all still sitting on their perch, just as I had placed them. So, all is well in the chicken coop tonight I hope, can't wait for the morning to check on them.
Oh, and what have we called them ?? Well Miss O is still calling hers Sapphire, Mst O is still calling his Lewey, and I am undecided. I am thinking I need to get a fourth chicken and maybe I'll call them Laverne and Shirley. Just maybe.

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