Friday, July 22, 2011

Recycled shed

I have been meaning to post these pics since November last year. This shed belongs to a dear friend. She has a great eye for detail and loves to recycle old building materials. This is what she came up with when she decided she needed a new "old" garden shed. It has so much character, and it is so tidy inside. A very dear friend of hers built it under her careful direction with the recycled materials she collected bit by bit, over a period of time. I love the old door with all the paint peeling off, and the chinese star jasmine is beautiful hanging over from above.
The wagon wheel is so sweet.
And a couple of horse shoes for good luck complete the perfect picture.
A great project for your own backyard. I think I might have to google "old recycled sheds" and see what I can come up with, hmmmnnnn...................

1 comment:

monkeemoomoo said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures - this is my dream garden shed:) I just love it!

By the way the vegie garden is looking great.


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