Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An early Christmas Present

I was so excited a couple of days ago to find out that I had won a Giveaway from A Christy Production. It arrived in the mail yesterday. It was loaded with goodies, Hand made christmas cards, hair clips, doilies, buttons, paper goodies, fabric and ribbon, beads and all sorts of things. It was lots of fun opening it up and going through everything (and I thought the prize was four christmas cards and two hair clips - NOT !). Christy had been telling little lies, and the prize was so much more. Since becoming a Mum most presents in this house are for the children. It's nice every now and then to get one for myself. Thanks Christy, it was certainly a fantastic hamper of goodies that I can definitely use.


A Christy Production said...

You are so welcome!! Can't wait to see what you make out of it all!

monkeemoomoo said...

Congratulations on your win. It looks like lots of fun.


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