Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Purple Rain

It's a great song, Purple Rain, and it looks like its raining purple in my street when the Jacarandas are in full bloom.
I can see a couple of Jacarandas from my backyard too. I took this photo below as I sat on my daybed and sipped a glass of red wine a couple of Sundays ago. I don't often take the time to just sit and do nothing so it was a really nice change. The sunshine in the late afternoon, the mountains in the distance and the purple Jacarandas are a great combination.
I will never tire of the view from my back deck - how could I !!!

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Maria Dermengiu said...

Hi! beautiful trees there! beautiful colors! Thank you for joining my blog, aaa.and I forgot to say that I'm a twin as well, I have a twin brother Michael,and I can imagine the effort you're putting in to raise them :) hugs,Maria


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