Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One More Sleep

for Oliver
number 6 for my six year old
sneak preview of the dino on his bed
for Lucy
sneak preview on her bed
My twins Oliver and Lucy turn 6 in one more sleep. This time 6 years ago I was very heavily pregnant and exhausted. But I was so excited at the prospect of meeting the two little people I had been carrying for so long inside. I went into hospital on the Thursday evening so I could rest, but I did not sleep a wink all night. On Friday the 5th of November 2004 at 8.28am and 8.32am my life changed dramatically in the most amazing way.
Six years on and lots has happened in that time, both good and bad. But this is a happy post and so I want to show you what I have been making for them for their birthday tomorrow.
Oliver is receiving a dinosaur with a number 6 on its bum that was inspired by Jacki at Monkeemoo (check out her sons gorgeous orange dinosaur). Lucy is receiving a doll using the pattern from here. I am sad to say that both softies were a rushed job, had I allowed more time I am sure I could have done a better job.
However, I know they will not notice the imperfections and in hindsight that probably makes the gifts even more special as they are unique. I can say they were made with so much love for each of them.
My children love everything that I make, and for that reason they would not make good critics, so lucky for me. I have taken some sneak preview shots for you all of the toys on their beds. And now I have wrapped them and hand made a card each for them.
I can't wait for tomorrow to see their faces when they open their special gift from Mummy !!!


The Clip Cafe said...

Happy Birthday to your two darlings!! Your presents look lovely and made with love :o)

monkeemoomoo said...

These look fantastic!!!

I really love your doll. Love the face and I have hair envy. Pretty good for your first doll (or is that 2nd!) he he!

I bet the kids loved them. I hope you all had a great day.

alliecat said...

Great job on the softies!

Happy birthday to your little people for tomorrow, what a great age!


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