Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas cushions are nearing completion

I've finished the embroidery for my christmas cushions. If you look back at a previous post of mine here I showed the drawings that I was going to copy (using a transfer pencil) and then embroider. The idea being that I will sew them into little cushions for the kids for christmas gifts. I also decided I wanted one for myself. So I have chosen a recent drawing that Lucy did of our family and embroidered it also.
The family
A closeup of Mum and Dad
The embroidery I did of Olivers drawing
This is the original drawing
The embroidery I did of Lucys drawing
This is the original drawing
So the next step is to make them into little miniature cushions and wrap them ready for christmas.
I will post pics when they are done.


Leah (mummy made it) said...

They are going to be unbelieveably gorgeous, beautiful handiwork!

monkeemoomoo said...

These are fantastic! I love the way you have 'coloured in' the clothing! I might have to try that.

I wish I could say I have completed some of my handmade presents!

Jane and Lou said...

Oh Hi, nice to 'meet' you, so nice to stumble across your blog! You are a clever little cookie, and your blog looks fab. I followed for you (yay) you can find me @ Now, I'm off to check out the rest of your blog, the Christmas posts look lovely, and I might take a peek at your madeit shop:) All the best, Jane:)

Shimi said...

I love these. I did something very similar on a shirt for my son after my daughter draw a picture of him. It is so precious. Great idea.
Jen & Row

Megan said...

love this idea, definitely going to have a go sometime :)


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