Sunday, November 7, 2010

Birthday Cakes and Cubby Houses

Our babies turned 6 years old on Friday
We had a very full weekend of celebrations
There was a Birthday BBQ
Their school Spring Carnival
A visit from their Grandparents
Lots of presents
and an exciting, blindfolded car journey to a secret destination (their Nonna Julies House) to reveal
built especially for Oliver and Lucy to come and visit anytime they like
Dinosaur and Dolly made by Mummy
Horse rides at the Spring Carnival
Dump truck cake made by Daddy
Love heart cake also made by Daddy
cubby house designed and built by Nonna Julie, Kerry, Jarrod and Declan
Inside there was a blackboard and lots of toys
Outside there was a deck and chairs and tables for relaxing
Cool drinks were served on the deck
and there was lots of laughter and cuddles - Lucy with her beloved Nonna.
Thanks Nonna, for the lovely cubby, but most of all thanks for being the amazing person that you are............we are looking forward to spending many more afternoons here with you in the years to come


The Clip Cafe said...

Wow what a lovely day! I always wanted a cubby house - that looks super!!!

monkeemoomoo said...

I can't believe I missed these posts this morning. Sounds like a fantastic weekend with the kids having lots of fun. That cubbie, wow!

Also, love the cupboard, it looks great there. My Nan's was practically the same as this one, on her farm. I have one similar in our garage. It was the first piece of furniture Andrew and I did up together. We can't part with it:)


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