Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Works in Progress - Christmas Cushions

Lucys self portrait drawn early 2009
My almost finished embroidered version
Olivers self portrait drawn early 2009 I was inspired recently by Monkeemoomoo's blog (yet again) by this cushion that Spunky Monkey designed for Miss Moo Moo for her 4th birthday. I had in the back of my mind that I must do this some day with some of Oliver and Lucys artwork.
On Sunday I was having a big clean out - and found their art books from last year at daycare. Flicking through them I found the most perfect portraits that they had drawn of themselves. I photocopied Lucys drawing - enlarging it to 125% and traced over it with a transfer pencil (from Spotlight $6.95) onto baking paper. I then turned the tracing paper over and traced over the reverse side of the drawing (otherwise when I ironed the picture onto the fabric her name would have been written backwards). I then ironed the back-to -front tracing of the picture onto some fabric ready for embroidering (does this make sense ???). There is no need to trace it twice if there is no writing and you are happy with a mirror image.
My plan is to turn them into a small cushion each for their bed for Christmas presents this year.
What a great alternative way to display your favourite piece of artwork.
Thanks Monkeemoomoo for yet another great idea.


monica said...

how cute are these!!! love this idea


ClaireyH said...

Great work, I am inspired to attempt something similar, not sure if I quite have the skills, but how bad could it be!

The Clip Cafe said...

AHH I just screamed (with excitement!) That is such a great idea!! Looking good so far too :-)

The Clip Cafe said...

Just saw you won in the drizzled apple giveaway - Lucky Duck!!

eva mei and me said...

Wow - I won again - it's my lucky day. (Thanks for your comments everyone - now everyone get stitching)


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