Sunday, December 23, 2012

New project for 2013

This post is an old draft I just happened to stumble across today in my list of draft posts, it never made it to posting for some reason or another.  So maybe instead of doing this in 2011 like I obviously intended, it might happen in 2013.  I had totally forgotten about the whole idea of sewing photographs onto the fabric and making a canvas.  Great gift idea for your childs bedroom or maybe even the lounge. Wish I had rediscovered this a month or two ago I would have done them for the kids for Christmas gifts.  So, please read on .......

I saw this project today posted on The Quick Unpick blog - it's a great idea that I have not seen before. I will be definitely trying it out in 2011. You print out your photos, adding text to them if you like first, then sew them onto your favourite fabric and make a canvas. Check out The Spanglers work here , you could do so much with this. I have never thought of sewing on photos. I have done a bit with sewing paper onto cardboard and it is loads of fun. I did some quick handmade gift tags for Christmas using Belle and Boo images (so gorgeous you can find them here). Also I did a christmas tree using paper doilies and also a bird using scrapbooking paper and a button for an eye and stitch detail for the legs and wings etc (all paper sewn to cardboard (very light gsm).   Happy stitching.  I will post pics of my new project when I get around to it, hopefully not in another two years.   

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