Monday, December 17, 2012

Mad for Macarons



Yesterday we all went up to Montville and Maleny for a drive with my husbands Aunt who is visiting from France at the moment. She bought us a coffee and a macaron for afternoon tea which was lovely. I had a pistachio one and my husband chose a lemon one. They reminded me of some photos I took back in July this year that I have not shared here yet.  Our neighbour had been on a family holiday to Sydney and she bought us back this beautiful collection from Adriano Zumbos shop.  So of course what do I do before I eat them - I photograph them. 
I am a bit of a macaron freak. I have never made them and I don't really want to, as that means I will have to eat them (not good for my diet). But it's okay to look at them and drool.   Adriano Zumbo became famous for his macaron tower and countless other spectacular patisserie thingys on the TV show Masterchef (my husband is a big fan of the show and so are our kids).
Direct from the house of Zumbo
So nicely packaged
They really do look too good to eat....
But we did eat them of course!
The master himself with his famous macaron tower (picture from the internet)
And another selection of beauties (picture from the internet)
I hope I haven't teased you too much with this post
Of course you could always run off and make your own
But I bet they won't look as good as these !

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