Saturday, December 29, 2012

Oh Christmas Eve Oh Christmas Eve .....

For the children it started with coke spiders 
 Here they are enjoying them on the deck !
For the adults it was a christmas cocktail courtesy of Pinterest, for link & recipe click here
It was called a Kahlua float - and is seriously alcoholic  
Followed by home made bacon, banana and chilli pizzas
And a game of Bop It - always lots of fun
We did this in the surrounds of this humungous tree
Before peeling prawns for our christmas lunch the following day  
And of course sleeping in our christmas pj's - this time the applique is complete but a bit hard to see here. 
The inspiration for Lucys ric rac tree came from here
and looks like this
And Olivers shirt with his appliqued tree was my own idea - just a simple tree shape sewn to his $4 t-shirt from Target - backed with iron on interfacing just for some stability using the same old car fabric as his Christmas shorts.
Christmas Eve is a time to be with family for us - to prepare the house and make sure the gifts are all ready to go.  Maybe a few carols around the tree, something to eat but not anything special. This year I started a new tradition - a Christmas Eve cocktail for the grownups and a special drink for the children.  It went down a treat for the kids and the adults and I now need to research for next years drinks - no harm in being organised. I also bought some gorgeous christmas ribbon today in preparation for next years Christmas pillowcases,  from here - I am all revved up and wanting to continue my christmas sewing now so I can be ready for Christmas 2013.  Maybe in 2013 I will not need to do any Last sewing at a very rushed pace like this year.   Now that would be a nice change !!

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