Saturday, December 15, 2012

A gift for the teacher

The gift
(basil, parsley and mint herb pot)
The card
Gift tag
Well the last day of school has come and gone - we are officially on school holidays. And every year there is a challenge to find a gift for the kids teachers. This year they were in the same class (one advantage of having twins) so I only had to choose one gift and this time it was for a man (all previous teachers have been female which is so much easier).

So, what to do ?

I did not want to buy chocolate coated peanuts or a coffee mug (he has about 10 already I think). I knew something would spring into my head - but it only happened the day before their final day at school.

I decided to plant a big pot of herbs. Sometimes when Mr Dreise has a day off his wife is the fill in teacher for the class. So I made it a joint gift to Mr & Mrs Dreise from Oliver & Lucy.
Last day of school in their Christmas clothes
Waiting patiently to perform in their Christmas concert
Image from last year - Lucy in her Santa dress
I did not photograph last years gifts for the teacher - from memory it was a crazy busy year with me working full time and I don't even recall what I gave the teachers.  But this is the post from 2010 where I managed some home made gifts for the 4 teachers the kids had see post here
Each year I say I must start my Christmas sewing early but alas again it did not happen - but let's face it, it is hard to sew for a man.  But next year they have a female teacher once again so no excuses, next year it will be a handmade sewn gift for Mrs Simpson. 
And of course it will be here before we blink. 

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monkeemoomoo said...

What a great idea! We did usual homemade rums balls for the teacher, personalised with a photo/card of the kids making the rum balls. I really wanted to put some thought into the teachers prezies this year, but like you said the year is over before we know it!



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