Thursday, October 28, 2010

What have you been eating lately !

We went out for breakfast recently to here. It's my favourite breakfast spot on the sunny coast. The view is to die for, great wait staff, lovely decor and the food is also pretty fabulous. Lucy enjoys her kids serve of pancakes, maple syrup and cream....
I had the sweet corn fritters, bacon, balsamic vinegar (not the cheap stuff) and avocado salsa. Yum Yum. Oh, also, the best ever expresso iced coffee I have ever tried.
Then on Sunday we were invited to a friends place for lunch. We ate this beautiful pear tart (after the main meal - sorry my pics are out of order here).
And also this French chicken dish created by Gordon Ramsay (but reproduced to perfection by Esther)
The berries accompanied the pear tart and there was cream too. A few glasses of white wine, children playing and happy chatter - a lovely end to the weekend.

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The Clip Cafe said...

Too much food talk - making my tummy rumble!! It does look so nice though and the view is like a holiday pic. Lucy Looks gorgeous :o)


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