Saturday, October 9, 2010

Great tutorial from Made for upcycling hubbys business shirts

I love upcycling. This was my first attempt using the tutorial (see link below) from Dana-Made-It. I used a Ralph Lauren shirt so the fabric quality was first class.
Contrasting sleeve detail
attempt number 2 - a boring plain grey shirt, transformed with a bit of imagination. I just happened to have an old blouse that was torn and the colours blended beautifully. So I upcycled my shirt into new sleeves
and a decoration for the hemline
Follow this link , it is a lot of fun.
I have stooped so low as to ask my friends to donate their hubbys shirts to me instead of the op shop (they do say that charity begins at home). This is my favourite shirt dress using one of my husbands old gingham style YSL business shirts.
I used the label from inside the shirt as a decoration on the back of the dress. I also added some shirring at the sides and back of the waist area to give definition. The finished dress was simple but classic. You could replace the plain white buttons with coloured ones to jazz it up. You could add an applique or just a simple yo-yo to the front if your princess wants it to be more girly. It is amazing how some of the really masculine fabrics can look very groovy with just a bit of imagination.
If you have done one of these shirt dress or something similar before, please email me a picture or a link of where you got the idea from and I will post it on my blog.


A Christy Production said...

I love love love this! Will definately give it a go (one day)

dana said...

cute! Thanks for sharing with me :)
- dana

Liz said...

Ooohhh clever!! Love the grey one with flowers!! On my to do list, thanks for sharing!

The Clip Cafe said...

Oh Karyn - you will go far with your talent!! I love the first dress it is really nice - colours and contrast. I love the flower detail on the grey one too :-)

monkeemoomoo said...

These are so cute. I love the flower detail on the bottom of the grey one.

eva mei and me said...

Thanks everyone, I am looking forward to seeing your shirt dresses now !!!!!

Rosalind said...

nicely done!

aimee @ lily pad designs nz said...

I absolutely love this idea and will totally be doing it. I love your blog, I'm a new follower :)


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