Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Finally more pictures from Singapore /Malaysia Holiday

The pool at the Hard Rock Cafe where we stayed was amazing - they had a lovely beach pool with amazine white silicone sand and little canals leading in all directions. There was also an amazing lap pool which was so long I couldn't complete a lap in one go, there was a slide and it was the highlight of the hotel. The Hard Rock Cafe also serves the best Nachos I have ever eaten. Give it a go ! Universal Studios - the big spinning globe
Inside Universal Studios
The Far Away Castle (Shrek)
We swam in this pool lots (cousins house)
Soft steamed bun with salted duck egg inside - it is beautiful
Have you ever had an icecream sandwich before, I hadn't until now and I have to say it was fantastic - this was for sale on Orchard Road, Singapore
The best ever egg tarts - you must try these !
Putra Jaya - Malaysia. They build it big here.
The famous Durian fruit - this was my fourth trip to Malaysia and I finally was able to stand in the same room as one of these fruits. The smell is very overpowering and the taste horrendous to most westerners palates. I am starting to conform and actually ate about 3 or 4 mouthfuls this time. It's a definite improvement.
We stayed here for three glorious days - It was a missionary bungalow up high in the Cameron Highlands - it was lovely and cool, beautiful scenery and the old bungalow was built in 1937 - it was really lovely.
Malaysia and Singapore really is all about the food. We did things other than eat, but the whole day is planned around food. The sad thing was my camera started playing up and not focusing properly so I have very few good photos to share from this trip. Sorry it is mostly about food, but, that really is the highlight over there, plus of course the shopping.

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The Clip Cafe said...

Oh love your holiday shots! Interesting food... I am a sucker for staying with the same old stuff. When are you going to make some boys clothes for Oliver to model? :-)


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