Friday, October 1, 2010

Break a Leg !!!

Well almost, I have actually only broken a bone in my foot, and possibly torn the ligament. The sad news for me is I cannot sew, I cannot drive and I cannot do any exercise. How long for - who knows, maybe 6 weeks maybe more. This will undoubtedly slow down my sewing, however I am hoping to be able to at least start cutting out lots of things to get ready for sewing. So my little shop will not be filling up as soon as I had anticipated, having already lost a lot of time with the school holidays and now this injury. I guess though it means I do have an excuse to sit at my computer and read everyones blogs - so it's not ALL bad.


Liz said...

Ohh you poor thing!! Hope it gets better soon! And no, reading blogs is not bad at all ;)

The Clip Cafe said...

Oh so sorry to hear that! I bet you are getting pampered though by the kids and Daddy :-) Get well soon I hope it isn't too painful. Don' stay up too late reading :-)


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