Sunday, November 25, 2012

Playing with Photos

  I enjoy adding special effects to them but just recently I found something even better.
Adding text to photos.  It's wonderful.  I have played around a bit here but haven't quite got it right yet.  But I am almost there.  
You need a photo with a fairly plain background.  If possible also one where the subject is not too big  or does not dominate the photo - you need a lot of background preferable off to the left of the photo.
You can crop a photo to suit.  You can also type straight over the subject in the photo - as long as the Font Colour shows up ok.  The photo of Oliver holding his red cricket set is quite well balanced - enough room for the text and the background is not too busy.  And I was able to get him off centre. 
I think this one works well with the white text on the green grass. 

Here the font is too pale and too small.  Probably black text would be better here.

I love this one with simple one word text
These would work well printed as a canvas from someone like Snapfish or Big W or Harvey Norman etc.  There are so many places to do these, and they would make a great wall hanging - think Christmas gift for grandparent or even your child for their bedroom wall.  So happy texting......

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