Wednesday, November 21, 2012

From Pillow to Post

There is nothing like a hand made gift.  I don't often receive them but I do give them on a fairly regular basis.  My daughter Lucy had a little friend who was having a birthday -Talia - it was her 8th birthday and she is horse crazy.  I was horse crazy too at her age and eventually got my very own horse when I was 11.  
So - what to give her for her birthday.  Obviously something to do with horses would be good.  So  I figured a pillow for her bed made with horse fabric would be pretty good.  So here it is.  I quilted the love heart - I used denim for the front panel embellished with the loveheart and  then a mixture of denim, the horsey fleece and a vintage pink chenille for the back.  I also embroidered her name on the front and I think it turned out kind of sweet.   I would have loved it for my 8th birthday !

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