Sunday, November 25, 2012

Old Stuff !

I love to shop.  I love to buy new stuff but I also really love to buy old stuff, someone elses junk could just be your new treasure.  As is the case with all this stuff photographed below.  These are some of the things I have either purchased myself or been lucky enough to inherent from family and friends recently.  
Old electric jug from Yandina Markets
Vase given to me by a family friend
Op shop buy - blanket for my daughters bed
(I love these old style blankets and am on the lookout for one for my sons bed now)
Suitcases from antique shop, op shop and markets
The chair on the right I recovered with Amy Butler Fabric - it was a gift from my Mum last Christmas
Gorgeous old jug given to me by family friend, they used to drink their water from it when they were kids. I feel very priveleged to have been given this family heirloom
Cute little typewriter I bought for $5 from a garage sale - My Mums beautiful blue oil lamp is also pictured in the background - she gave it to me recently and I adore it.  I remember it in our family homes since I was a child. 
Wish I could find myself some teacups like these beauties - picture from the internet.

There is more to come........

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