Friday, January 14, 2011

Queensland Heroes !

The Queensland Floods - January 2011
These are just a few of the heroes who have risked their lives to save others
The tug boat drivers who saved the Gateway Bridge
Chopper Pilot saves little girl
The animals suffered as well as the people
These pictures bring me tears of sadness and tears of joy.
They make me feel proud to be a Queenslander
(sorry Mum and Dad, I know I was born in Victoria, but I think 33 years in Queensland qualifies me)
Thank you to everyone for helping those at their time of need.
A lot of the heroes will remain anonymous, but they will never be forgotten for their selfless acts.
Like my neighbour who left his family here to drive to Brisbane.
To team up with his brother and drive around the flooded suburbs of Brisbane offering help to those in need.
They offered assistance to complete strangers who needed to evacuate their homes and helped them to move their posessions to safety.
They even moved a piano to higher ground.
And to Kevin Rudd - you are a champion. I saw you wading through deep water carrying suitcases on your head, helping to move peoples things through flooded streets just like everybody else.
There is so much comraderie at times like these and we must not forget the heroes.
But it's the lives that could not be saved that will haunt us all forever.
May you all rest in peace.


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