Thursday, September 9, 2010

Next Photo Shoot scheduled for Saturday

Well it's high time I got together with my friend and her camera and her daughter for another eva mei & me fashion shoot. It is scheduled for Saturday morning, and yes it will be rushed as my friend has to get home in time to entertain some guests coming for lunch.
I borrow my friend every so often to get some lovely shots for the shop, she loans me her daughter as a model AND she takes the shots with her trusty SLR. This time she is bringing a friends daughter as well who is only 18 months or so old and can model some of the smaller sizes for me. I have been lacking a live model for the younger age group so hopefully this will work well. I repay my friend by giving her clothing. This seems to work well.
I haven't had as much sewing time for the shop lately as I would have liked but have managed to get a couple of skirts together yesterday and hope to do some more tonight and tomorrow. So after the photo shoot on Saturday there should be some new listings in the shop. I have been busy working on a custom order for a ladies skirt (eek, I don't do ladies stuff !) and I have 3 owls to do for my said photographer friend.
Speaking of photos, where are all the photos of the clothes I have sold to you all over the last few months. I am checking my emails regularly but alas none have arrived yet (COME ON !!).
Anyway, I need to cook dinner, so I am signing off for now.
Happy sewing :)


The Clip Cafe said...

Oh I'd forgotten you wanted pics!! Will get to and send some - hopefully they will be okay - our camera is pretty average. Looking forward to seeing the results of tomorrow (18mths Oh she will looks so cute!!!!) and love to see a pic of the ladies skirt too :-)

megan.yap said...

My good friends who are having a little baby girl, for whom I bought a little pink dress and a pair of pink gingham kimono shoes, are due this week (tomorrow acutally)... I will ask them if I can take a photo of the little princess in her presents from "Aunty Megs" whenever she decides to arrive :)

eva mei and me said...

Wonderful, hope she arrives safe and sound.

eva mei and me said...

Yes, pics of some of your purchases would be great Clip Cafe. I have just laid out all the garments on my big dining table ready for the morning - they look so pretty. If my camera was working I would take a shot myself to post - stay tuned

monkeemoomoo said...

I am trying to get a good photo of my kids in your pants but they just don't sit still. Tried again yesterday - no luck. Now the pants are soaking in the wash after a happy day playing in the park!


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