Thursday, September 23, 2010

Megan in her Eva Mei & Me Skirt

Thanks to Megan for allowing me to share this photo with you all of her wearing her very own Eva Mei & Me Skirt. It is a first, as I have never made a skirt before for an adult. I was so worried about how it would look. I have to say though that I think I worried for nothing as Megan looks absolutely gorgeous, and it makes me want to make more for the shop now. I just hope that the tops and other skirt she has ordered turns out nicely also. I have been away since last Friday and I experienced some awful wihdrawls from my sewing room. So because of that I just had to go out and purchase some fantastic vintage fabrics from a very groovy shop in Paddington, Brisbane called Retro Metro. I have taken some photos of them and will post hopefully later tonight, along with my recent op shop purchases of some antique teacups and plates etc (my new addiction). Stay tuned, there will be more posts coming.


The Clip Cafe said...

Yes please add some to your shop!

eva mei and me said...

It's in the plan, just need to get some time to get on my machine - housework is such a nuisance !!! (plus I have a few orders to fill)


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