Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Old windows and a Free Cable reel

I am always on the lookout for old stuff
I was very excited when I got these old windows a few months ago at an op shop
My new windows
I could not resist. 
Though I did walk away the first time (did you hear that dear husband) it was only after speaking to my neighbour and her telling me I am mad to not buy them, I went back and got them 3 days later, knowing full well my husband would not approve of my purchase.
I love old windows and there are so many ways you can use them
My new cable reel
I also love old cable reels
I never thought I would be able to get one of these, let alone for free.
Yes it was "FREE"
But this time I am not in trouble with my husband - for bringing home someone elses rubbish. But only because I got it for free, which makes it even better don't you think !
All following photos are from Pinterest
  They can be made into great things as shown in all these photos 
Maybe a coffee table/book shelf for example
Or a padded stool
A Dining table topped with stainless steel or maybe glass
Paint it white
A sweet Occasional table
Even an Umbrella stand
I got mine from a skip - a local school was having a clean up over the holidays and I just happened to come across it.  I looked around for someone to ask "can I have this"  but there was no-one there.  So I went to the house next door to the school and asked if they knew anything about the rubbish in the skip (I don't give up easily).  He didn't know anything about who was in charge of the skip but said it should be okay to take it, and who was I to argue ?? So the lovely man even helped me get it out of the skip and load it into my car.  Woohoo, my very own cable reel.  I have so many other projects I want to get onto, but this one should take priority I am thinking. I think painting the reel white, adding some groovy castor wheels it will go great with my new white Adirondacks!
And here are just some of the ideas I have seen on Pinterest for old windows
A coat rack
Or a photo frame
or combination blackboard/pinup board/shelf
I would love to be able to make them into a cupboard but don't have the handyman skills for that one. 
So best to keep it simple I think, stay tuned for an update on these two projects (thought it may take me a while).

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Jeraldine Wellner said...

I also love bringing home some shabby stuff that I think can still be useful. I just recently brought home an old cable reel. I repurposed it into a coffee table. My hubby loved it, and he’s pretty amazed how I made it. Well, girls do have secret skills, right? Hehe! #Jeraldine Wellner


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