Monday, January 7, 2013

Swap Cards from Daisy Lane and The Lark



I have some very strong nostalgic bones in this old body of mine.  I have posted about swap cards on this blog before see here.  I have been collecting them for my daughter Lucy since approximately November 2010.

I started to collect them for myself when I was quite young, from approximately 5 years of age through to about 9 years of age.  Sadly I don't know what happened to my collection.  I used to keep them bundled together in a rubber band, always ready to swap with someone willing who had a card that appealed to me.  I particularly loved horse ones and all the gorgeous girls like Sarah Kay and Holly Hobbie etc.  How I wish I had kept mine - to be able to hand them over to my daughter would be something special.  So today, with so much technology to hand I googled and found a shop that sells them online called "The Lark". They just happen to sell newly created swap cards of an equally gorgeous nature see here.  Not willing to stop there I searched EBAY and got a stack and then more recently I found a few gorgeous original Sarah Kay's from an antique shop in Woodford. I also bought a book for Lucy to keep them in, also from The Lark.  I just wish that it would become a craze again and the shops would sell them as a collectible.  The images are so sweet and innocent. I could see my Lucy, standing at the store counter with her list, eagerly waiting to spend her pocket money on yet more swap cards - or - hang on, was that me I can see????

Oh the sweet memories....


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