Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Our New Years Eve in pics !

Welcome 2013 !
New Years Eve 2013 - a great start to the new year it was.
We spent the afternoon/evening in our outdoor room.  The sunset was quite spectacular which was a great start to the evening.
We ate, we drank, we talked, the kids played twister and watched a movie, they popped party poppers and blew their whistles.
We all had so much fun with the sparklers in particular, I managed to find the correct setting just by fluke on the camera and was able to record these amazing images. 
I have never seen 4 adults have so much fun with sparklers and a camera. 
The kids (except 1) AND the adults managed to stay up to see the new year in.  It was the first time for the children and it was quite lovely as there were some fireworks for us to enjoy from our deck.
 Our neighbour bought this bottle of wine especially to match our Roast Pork Belly
It was a perfect accompaniment -thank you
This was my salad (I managed to only do one salad which is not like me at all) and it consisted of mixed greens, pancetta, buffalo mozarella, white nectarines and toasted walnuts with a mustard and red wine vinagrette.  We also had roast pork belly with home made peach relish and home made potato wedges to go with it. Dessert was Calvins Eton mess (ice cream with chocolate sauce, raspberry sauce, meringue and toasted nuts).   Not what  I would call a banquet by any means but it was just simple home cooked food and it tasted pretty good.
The kids amused themselves playing Twister on the back deck
This is where we spent the evening, in our outdoor room by the christmas tree with our new Ipod/Docking station playing music for us to enjoy (A late Christmas gift for the family, we only purchased this at about 3pm on New Years Eve)
We spent some time out on the Adirondacks enjoying the gorgeous sunset
Calvin and I enjoying the view from my favourite chairs
My family in our backyard - and what a backdrop it was
This is who we spent New Years Eve with
Our lovely friends and neighbours, Adrian, Ming Lee, Aidan and Liam. 
Thanks for a great year you guys and for making our New Years Eve special too.
Happy New Year Everyone!

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