Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Front doors and cable reels

I would love to paint our front door.  At the moment it is red.  Unfortunately it does not have any beautiful detailing like my friends front door (pic above)
But I may steal their colours and paint it white and grey which will match the rest of our house.
I love the doors to their kids bedrooms, they are matching and have gorgeous coloured glass.  I could only dream of a door like this as our house is not this old.
Beautiful !
So one day I will paint my front door. 
But for now we have been doing small little projects around the home like building a new guinea pig cage and a coffee table for our back deck.  The coffee table was made from the cable reel I found in a skip recently.  Husband went to Bunnings a few weeks ago and bought the castors for it.  On Sunday my daughter and I stained it with oil and then husband drilled and fitted the new wheels.  We enjoyed a champagne that evening watching the sunset before dinner - it was quite lovely. 
Here are the pics.....

So there it is.  Another project crossed off the list.   Yay !!


monkeemoomoo said...

I can't believe you have a cable reel - I love these! I have always wanted one. I love what you have done with it. Afternoons must be pretty great at your house, champagne, sunsets, nice:)

eva mei and me said...

Yes Monkeemoomoo I still cannot believe I found this cable reel in a skip - and the champagne on the deck with the sunset is lovely but I don't want the champers to become a habit (too fattening LOL).

Rhen Nicey said...

I recommend these kinds of cable reels in any wood shop, they are very handy when you have your hinds tied in the project your working on. Anyways, here are my three tips for how to properly maintain your cable reel.


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