Saturday, February 9, 2013

Friday Fabric Finds

Friday seems to be my great day for Fabric Finds!!!
I just wanted to share the very bad photos (Sorry for the bad quality, taking pics late at night in bad lighting) of the couple of great pieces I got on Friday, just to add to my ever growing collection
A stripey chenile quilt in very good condition.  I am seeing a dressing gown and maybe winter PJ pants for Oliver from this.
A gorgeous green seersucker tablecloth in perfect condition.  A top or skirt for me I think.
This is a really gorgeous yellow and white stretch sateen - not sure but maybe a tote bag from this.
And a little piece of cute french linen. 
The pictures are very sweet and I love fabric with text on it like this.
I think this could make a great set of cushions or mounted on a canvas for a wall hanging.  But there is no rush to decide, I have a million other things to do before I get to this one. 


monkeemoomoo said...

What gorgeous fabric finds - I love that sweet little french one. It reminds me of that fabric (girl) you used to have in Lucy's room:)

Happy sewing!

CQUEK said...



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