Sunday, December 19, 2010


I wanted to share with everyone just a few pics from Mammas markets yesterday. I think the market was very successful, there was a lot of familiar faces there to say hi as they did the rounds. Mammas market is a boutique market, full of gorgeous stuff, I'm just sad I did not have the opportunity to have a good look around. Never mind, there will be another chance in February.
These are a few of my top sellers Christmas stockings were popular
My favourite, made from recycled lambswool blankets
My other favourite stocking
(this was sold to a lovely lady for her baby boys first Christmas)
It was so nice to meet the people face to face who are taking your creations home to their house.
My owls were seriously popular, sorry to those people who missed out, but there will be more hatched in the new year
I love the combination of the pistachio green chenille and vintage floral fabrics
This my practice run at home in the week leading up to the market day
And this is the real thing above and below
TMe on the left and my friend Ming Lee on the right who helped with the setup infront of my stall. My new eva mei & me banner in the background which I made especially for the market
Me with Oliver & Lucy, my gorgeous twins, they hung around the stall all day and helped to give out the change, played their DS and ate market food.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their kind wishes for success in my very first market day. It was a lot of fun but also a lot of hours of work went into creating each and every article that I had for sale (over 100 items were hand made totally by myself - except for the 3 or 4 door stops that Oliver stuffed for me, he is a great little helper).
Don't know if I could do it again on such a grand scale.
In the meantime I look forward to visiting Mammas markets in February as a customer - this way I can get to have a really good look around.
Only 6 sleeps til Santa comes !


A Christy Production said...

Everything looked amazing! I am moving (again) in February so I won't be ready to do a stall myself until April or May. When do you think you'll do another stall?

The Clip Cafe said...

FAB!!! Thanks for sharing. I think your stall looked grand! Just the type i would certainly visit and buy form :-) LOVE your banner/bunting. Truly it all looked really good. I agree heaps of work but lots of fun too.

fi_stardust said...

Karyn! So sorry I missed your stall, I really don't know how that was possible. Where were you in the hall? I thought I had canvassed everything and then on the way home with Mum realised I hadn't seen you.
Sounds like it all went really well though. Congratulations!
I'm looking forward to the market next year too.
Have a wonderful Christmas.


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