Sunday, December 26, 2010

Some of this years handmade gifts !

Canvas embroidered by me for my husbands office
Drawing is done by Lucy
Pencil case for my niece
reverse side of pencil case
pillow for my niece reverse side of the same pillow for my niece
large cushion for my nephew
He wanted something to put on the floor in his bedroom so he could lay and read
pillow for Nonna Julie
the kids did a drawing of Nonna and her beloved cat Seiko (who died a few months ago aged 18 years)
a close up of Seiko
This gift bought a few tears when opened by Nonna
Cushion for Lucy I copied from her self portrait she drew when she was four years old cushion for Oliver I copied from his self portrait drawn when he was four years old also
And finally my handmade gift tags

Belle and Boo christmas scenes sewn with silver thread onto cardboard

These were a last minute thought, quickly thrown together, I will do more of these next year

And next year I will start my preparation for christmas much earlier and I WILL MAKE THAT ADVENT CALENDAR I HAVE WANTED TO DO FOR TWO YEARS NOW !!!!!!!!!


The Clip Cafe said...

Love all your creations - so personal and surely be loved :-)

monkeemoomoo said...

Wow!!! Love, love, love your handmade gifts, those embroidered cushions are just lovely.

Liz said...

Ohh I LOVE the cards, they are devine!!

safdar ali said...

this is great. so cute designed. looking so lovely.

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