Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mammas is over

AND MY FEET HURT..................
Well, all my owls have new homes. I sold every single one of them today. Wish I had made more. I will upload some photos of my market stall in the next day or so. But right now I have to drive to Brisbane to collect my parents from the airport. They are coming here from Victoria for Christmas, so it's an exciting day, first the markets this morning, now my parents arrival this afternoon.
It was lovely to see so many people I knew at the market today.
Hope you all managed to get some lovely gifts for Christmas.


Kelly said...

Just found your beautiful blog through The Clip Cafe. Just wanted to pop in and say "Hi" ☼

The Clip Cafe said...

Sounds good!! Can't wait to see some pics and yay for selling so much!!

monkeemoomoo said...

I hope your day was a success. Your stall looked amazing!!!

A Christy Production said...

I was there Karyn!!! And I saw your awesome set up, and just as I was about to head over and formally introduce myself in person and check out your goodies up close, my 3 year old nephew, who ended up in my care at the market while my sister browsed, decided to chuck a MAJOR wobbly and I had to go outside. But I'm thinking of doing a stall myself there in the upcoming months. Maybe April or May, so we can catch up then!!

So glad it was successful for you!


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