Saturday, June 12, 2010

Latest photo shoot and a BOX OF CHOCOLATES

I was desperate to photograph some of my new THINGS for my shop today, and also re-photograph some of my older items as I have made new headbands to match some of my skirts and scarves etc. So I grabbed my gorgeous Lucy this afternoon and a pile of clothes and headed outside to my favourite location. We even used some of the lovely hairclips I purchased from here , a great little shop on I can highly recommend them for some HAIR BLING GORGEOUSNESS !!!!! For all you ladies who have little girls, jump on to madeit and look up you will not be disappointed. I came home yesterday after a whole day out at the shops to find a lovely little parcel in the mailbox waiting for me. I couldn't believe it, I never get presents. Anyway, my craft buddy Jacki had recently bought two pairs of chenille pants for her kids to take away on a beach holiday and this was how she thanked me for it. It was really not necessary but it was oh so nice, a lovely surprise and a lovely gesture. Sometimes just those little things can really go a long way. My shopping trip was successful too, I managed to get a few new tops to take away to malaysia/singapore next month. A great day !!!!

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