Saturday, June 5, 2010

Here one minute and Gone the Next !!!!

Well, I have to say I had the quickest sale in history today. I made a skirt (pictured below) from a lovely mustard coloured corduroy and trimmed it with a very special Gianni Versace charcoal and black fabric. The Versace fabric was given to me by my dear friend Ming Lee quite some time ago. I have to add that when she gave it to me she did not actually realise it was a "Gianni Versace Made in Italy Fabric". I mean, really , who gives away Versace, HELLOOOOO!!!!! are you mad !!!!!!! No. She is just really very kind and sweet. Anyway, I photographed the finished skirt at midnight last night and put it up for sale in my shop for $29 - I think this is the most expensive thing I have ever had for sale so far. Today I took it to my friend Yvettes house to show her, she does a lot of my photography for me, anyway her sister was visiting from Maryborough and took one look at it and bought it, just like that, thank god I had already photographed it as it is now heading for Maryborough for her lucky little daughter. So here it is............

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The Clip Cafe said...

It is a beautiful Skirt!


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