Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Quick Pics of fabrics

Firstly welcome Lareina - thanks for joining in on my blog. Oliver and Lucy are still talking about our trip and dearly wanted to bring you and Benny home to Australia to keep. So sorry girls that this took so long - camera decided to fail half way through our trip so I have had to resort to using my new phone camera. Took me three hours today to try and work out how to do it. Hence, here are some very rushed pictures of my recent purchases in Asia. Some lovely Japanese floral cottons were there for the picking, so I have 55 metres in total. Struggling to get to the sewing room with so much washing and catching up on other stuff to do. Will post more pics and stories of our holiday as soon as I can.


welcome to egypt said...

many thanks

Sherif from Egypt

monkeemoomoo said...

Welcome back!

These fabrics are gorgeous, I bet you are just bursting to get sewing with them.

I can't wait to hear all about you travels.


The Clip Cafe said...

YUM! Lovely selection! :-) Hurry up and and wash!!!! :-)
Speaking of washing we have a laundry full of washing too from our camping weekend - posted some pics but not of laundry - too embarrassing!

Lareina said...

Wish we snuck into your suitcase and followed you back to the Sunshine Coast. Miss the twins lots :) hope you guys are well. Keep up the good work!

eva mei and me said...

We're good except for my broken foot, wish we did sneak you home in the suitcase and also wish I snuck another 100 or so metres of the beautiful materials that they sell at Kamdar in KL - they are so fantastic. !!!!!


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