Monday, August 30, 2010

My Little China Doll

I had to bribe Lucy today to let me take photos of her for my shop.
The Pararasols from Singapore helped a bit as they made it fun. I also told her that if she wore the three new skirts for me for some pics then the very next skirt I made would be for her. Her face lit up.
She is always asking "Mum - is this for me or the shop" when she sees me making something. She never makes a big deal of it but I do think she is overdue for something new from eva mei & me.
She did a fine job today, it's just a shame my camera is not working and my new phone which is meant to have a great camera in it is about to be sent back to the technicians for the second time - aaarrrrgghhhhhh!

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The Clip Cafe said...

Ohhhh Lovely! And the photo's are great - Lucy Is just gorgeous too :-) Our softie swap register page is up now (finally!!) only 40 places so emailing everyone :-)


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