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Right now I am wanting lots of new plants for my garden, both ornamental for decoration and vegetables for eating. I could write a huge long list and never run out of wants or ideas.  Maybe it's the Spring in the air that is fueling this, I am not sure.  However, my suspicions are that these desires have been lurking since long before this Spring arrived.

Digging a little deeper, I find myself pining for a move, not too far away, to a small acreage (1 - 2 acres would be enough, I think) with a gorgeous old farmhouse that has a large country kitchen, one with a big old Aga Stove. They ooze character, and transport me back in time to my days as a youngster visiting our great grandparents family farm. There they had a beautiful yellow Aga stove in the kitchen that kept us warm when we ventured inside from playing outside in the chilly winter weather that Victoria is known for. It looked something like this one below.

I want to be able to put my old farmhouse dining table smack bang in the middle of the kitchen, hence it needs to be a BIG kitchen.  But I also want a breakfast bar and a little office nook to the side where all the mail and paper mess can go, instead of on top of the kitchen bench (like what happens at home now).  I want a lot of other things too and I'll try not to go on too much, but something in particular right now, and possibly quite achievable is a couple of Abutilons, to plant in my side garden. 
 They flower for most of the year which is ideal - and they just look so good
 They come in a beautiful selection of colours and shapes
 So what's not to love about Abutilon
I was actually wanting to put some Japonica Camellias in as they are another favourite of mine, but sadly the flowering period is quite short for camellias.  

This candy striped one is just gorgeous, but, it's such a long time between flowering.  So I have changed my mind, Abutilons it is.

Also I would love some hydrangeas for out the front, and lots of foxgloves,not sure where, just anywhere would do - I love foxgloves

Look at these beauties !!!!

Whilst I am on a roll, I wouldn't mind a cute birdhouse painted white. 
Like this one from Meadowbrook farm blog   Go check it out. Her garden house is stunning and she has the most amazing garden - see below

(See I told you it was stunning)

 and her barn is to die for, god don't get me started on the barn

 When you pop across to Meadowbrook (link above), check out her old washing machine filled with Petunias cascading all over the place, it's gorgeous.  Remember the old fashioned washing machines with the ringer attached - I remember feeding the washing through my Nannas ringer washing machine back in the early 1970's.  So, as I don't just happen to have an old washer hanging around (just yet) and a husband who would kill me if I bought one (from god knows where - he has tried to put a stop to my opshop and antique collection recently) I did just happen to have an old watering can I bought recently at the market for $2.

I went and bought myself a punnet of cascading Petunia seedlings from my local nursery, punched some holes in the bottom of the watering with a hammer and a nail, and planted it out with the Petunia seedlings.  Hopefully it will flower soon and look pretty sweet.  Like these pics from Meadowbrook Farm blog. 
 (Images of washing machine courtesy of Meadowbrook Farm Blog )

 Belive me, there really is a washing machine under there.

So this is my watering can

 And the punnet of spreading Petunias purchased from said nursery, hopefully multicoloured like the label shows

And Ta Da !!!! one planted out watering can,  not looking so impressive just yet, but I  do hope to have some beautiful blooms soon. Will post some pics when it's worth looking at.  

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