Monday, September 19, 2011

Fairytale Ball

Mst O and Miss L had to dress up as fairytale characters for school last week.  They had a ball in their school hall and then it was back to class for a feast fit for a King or Queen, or Robin Hood or Tinkerbell in our case. Parents were invited to come, but sadly I had to work.  So I tried to make it special for them by putting in special effort to hand sew their costumes, not bad since I did some for them a couple of weeks ago also for their Book Week celebration.   I made Mst O's hat from a pattern I found here, thanks crafty stacy,  it was great, I reduced the pattern down to 90% of the adult size, Mst O does have quite a large head for a 6 year old, but it was just perfect. 

Daddy made up a quick bow for Robin from the bamboo in our garden, we have lots.

Mst O's shirt was recycled from an old mans shirt I had in my sewing stash, I cut it up and remade it to fit, with new sleeves and some black wool sewn in criss cross fashion at the front.  His cape was made from velvet in a chocolate brown.  So handsome !  The green jeans were from the op shop, United Colours of Benetton no less, Robin Hood likes designer labels. 

Daddy also helped with attaching the glitter encrusted star to a stick, collected from the garden, to complete her wand. 
Tinkerbell was in heaven in her little costume, she really played the part, dancing around waving her wand. 
 Mst O was so taken with his costume when he dressed up and saw it on himself complete for the first time, he had no words, just big hugs.  I think I did good.

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