Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Attacking the sewing room

I kind of attacked my sewing room today. My poor Mum has been sleeping in there for 3 weeks with piles of fabric all around her. This is actually not my fault, its her fault - as she gives me most of the fabric. It was in desperate need of a makeover and a tidy up so I am half way through. I will post some before and after pictures when I have finished. I am excited to say I now have one formal follower of my blog - Jacki - thanks heaps. I have to say I have also just read Jacki's blog for the first time late last night - it looks fantastic. When I have some more time and computer skills I will do a link to it, but her address is something like monkeemoomoo.blogspot.com - check it out, it's fantastic. Back later !!!!!

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